25 September 2021

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The Regional Flyer is Australia’s only news website dedicated to travellers from regional, rural and remote areas, and those venturing beyond the major business capitals to explore more of their country.

We write for both tourists and business travellers, covering news often overlooked by major media outlets but that deserves to be reported.

Over time, we’ll also be sharing travel tips to make your journeys run smoother, as well as reviewing regional flights, airport lounges and airports, so you know what to expect when visiting your next destination.

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We love writing news that matters to regional, rural and remote Australians, and the millions of travellers who fly beyond the major capital cities each year.

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Our Editorial Policy

At The Regional Flyer, we apply journalistic standards to our reporting, with a focus on news that matters to those living in, and travelling to, Australia’s regional, rural and remote areas.

We aim to ensure all our published coverage is fair, well-researched and insightful, without favouring one brand over another.

We welcome feedback from readers, and news updates and press releases from businesses, via the email addresses supplied above.

The Regional Flyer is independently published.